We’re a team of real estate experts dedicated to helping you own a dream home in the Caribbean easily and affordably.

Meet Your Management Team

James Punnett

Founder & CEO

James loves the Caribbean but hails from New Zealand, where he delivered an innovative new Fintech platform for the largest real estate businesses in Australia & New Zealand. James also built a large portfolio of short-term rental properties around New Zealand. As a successful entrepreneur, James has been involved in numerous startup businesses, including founding LifeDirect, the largest online insurance marketplace in New Zealand. He also serves on various boards.

Ardie Cledera

Chief Operations Officer

Ardie is a seasoned Manager & Business Leader who has been part of various senior leadership team’s from European and US based Corporations operating in Asia.He has more than 20 years of commercial experience in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Food and Cosmetics in different countries in South East Asia handling leadership roles for countries he handled.

He is a civic oriented person and is a member of various civic organizations promoting youth leadership, professional mentoring endevors, as well as supporting select educational institutions.

Ardie is passionate & driven to bring Partbnb to new heights and handles day-to-day operations and management of the partbnb team. He is also part of strategy building for Partbnb.

Craig Milligan

Chief Propety Hunter

Craig is passionate about property and traveling the world, so he’s right at home hunting for dream properties in the Caribbean for Partbnb. Like Jim, he built a large portfolio of short-term rental properties around New Zealand.He has also worked in the Information Technology space across a broad spectrum of industries and locations. He grew up in New Zealand but spent 10 years in the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Tom Herbert

Chief Technology Officer

Tom was born in the UK, but grew up in the Cayman Islands. So he has a lifelong love the Caribbean. A technology prodigy, his first job was building and selling computers, which he landed at the age of 14. He returned to the UK and spent his twenties climbing the corporate ladder of insurance software development before forming his own tech startup, BlackFin Technology, which brought him to Partbnb and developing our unmatched technology, which supports our dedication to making home ownership in the Caribbean affordable and carefree.

Carolyn Ocasiones

Customer Services Manager

As Head of Partbnb’s Customer Service, Carolyn acts as a liaison between our homebuyers and our Customer Support team, ensuring positive experiences for our homebuyers. Carolyn is a process specialist and strategic problem-solver, who develops sustainable solutions in various areas. These talents have enabled her to conduct key roles at Partbnb in customer service, quality, finance, administration, and management.

Mar John Morales

Chief Designer

Mar John is a design enthusiast from the Philippines who specializes on turning ideas into designs for user-friendly devices. MJ entered the field of Interface Design after graduating with a BS in Information Technology.He has been working on the field ever since and has created designs for clients around the globe.

Advisory Board

Richard Nacht

Legal Advisor

Richard brings a thorough understanding of the intersection of the law and business to any endeavor. He created six startups and has been an advisor to another thirty. Richard holds a J.D. and an MBA. He has a strong background in business modeling, strategy and tactics.

His distinguished record of success includes:

  • Multiple startups; successfully sold Inc. 500 company.
  • 10X return delivered to publishing industry clients.
  • Created first social network used by recruiting industry; Microsoft, Wachovia, Toyota clients.
  • $1 Billion in the loan portfolio the year he sold his private lending company.

Anna Schubert

Business Advisor

Anna is an accomplished business leader with 25 years of commercial experience. Over her past 20 years with Sovereign Bank and associated entities, Anna has developed a deep knowledge of the financial services industry.

Anna has held many senior positions. In her current role as Head of Retail Distribution, Anna is able to focus her knowledge and abilities to work with our advisers and assist in growing their business.

Anna is passionate about promoting inclusion and diversity across the financial services industry. She also participates as a judge in the annual Westpac Auckland Business awards for Best Emerging Business.

Paul Horning

Investor Relations Advisor

Paul Horning is an International Real Estate and Private Equity investment advisor working with Partbnb to educate US Accredited Investors on access to income-producing and appreciating assets in the Caribbean. Paul is part of the team focused on scaling Partbnb’ s dynamic, cloud-based homeowner and investor platform.

Brian Braggs

Property Advisor

Brian was born and raised in the Cayman Islands. He became a real estate and investor at a very young age and over the years has become well versed in the real estate market and trends in the Cayman Islands. As an investor and property owner himself, he’s gained a lot of experience in the property management and rental market aspects of Cayman real estate. He’s also a business owner and is a respected member of the community.