Property Acquisition CostProperty Acquisition Cost

Setup / Acquisition Fee

To reimburse us for finding your property and preparing it for purchase, we charge a 10% commission on the purchase price of a property, exclusive of stamp duty, legal fees, or any other costs associated with the sale.

Stamp Duty / Transfer Tax

Each country has slight variations on the amount that they charge for real estate transactions. You can see typical rates below.

Cayman IslandsCayman Islands7.5%0.0%
Dominican RepublicDomincan Republic 3.0%0.0%
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico 1.0%0.0%
Turks & CaicosTurks & Caicos 8-10.0%0.0%
*$250k - $500k is 8%, >$500k is 10%
Legal Fees

The fees to complete a purchase differ slightly between countries, but are usually less than 1% of the purchase price.

Company Creation Fees

The formation of a local company is a usual requirement for property acquisition in Caribbean Countries. The usual cost for setting up the local company is $3k - $5k, depending on the country.

Management FeesAccordion

1.50% Annually
Based on the Property Value

Partbnb charges an annual management fee to cover our costs related to conducting the part ownership management structure, platform and all associated activities to ensure your carefree homeownership. This fee also covers our management of short-term rentals.

Property Transfer FeeAccordion

Based on Property Value

If an owner wishes to sell his or her part or all owners vote to sell an entire property, the transfer fee will be charged to the seller or sellers as part of the sales process.

ACH / Wire Transfer FeesAccordion

ACH / Wire Transfer Fees

Partbnb may add a fee of 0.5%, up to $5, for ACH payments. There are no fees for receipt of wires, but you should be aware of any costs you may incur with your financial provider.