Own 1/8th of an expertly selected premium Caribbean home – with fully titled ownership.

When you travel to the Caribbean, do you wish you could own one of the many stunning seaside homes you’ve seen – and wonder if there’s an affordable way to buy one? Now, there is!


For example, Craig’s family purchased 1/8 of a breathtaking beachfront home on Exuma, the Bahamas, at Pineapple Bluff in April 2018. Their total partial cost was just $80k for 6 weeks of annual use year after year. In the first year, they chose to stay only 3 weeks, and the expert Partbnb team found the perfect renters and managed all the details. Craig just enjoyed the rental income!

Part ownership suits your lifestyle Part ownership suits your lifestyle

Why spend to buy an entire vacation home on your own when you’ll never be there the entire year? It’s much smarter to buy a 1/8 share or 12.5% of your dream home – and enjoy it up to six weeks a year!

Fully Titled Ownership Fully Titled Ownership

You own the title, guaranteed! So you’ll feel right at home, benefit from increases in the value of the property, and you can sell you fraction whenever you want to. So ownership with Partbnb comes with all the conveniences of home ownership and none of the inconveniences of timeshares.

Perfectly easy paperwork Perfectly easy paperwork

We take care of all the paperwork, including a clear and agreeable Owners Agreement that makes cooperation a breeze.

Convenient booking platform Convenient booking platform

Our smart booking platform is the first ever that enables owners to book stays, communicate with one another easily, even vote on any issues.

Watch How It Works

Buy your home right here in just two steps

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1 Create an Account

It takes just 30 seconds and you’re ready to view all our currently available vacation homes in Caribbean.

Choose a home

2 Choose a home and buy 1/8th of it

Our expert team will personally guide you through the buying process, from making a deposit to finalizing your purchase agreement.

Enjoy it

Now, just start to enjoy your own luxurious Caribbean vacation home!

Use our easy Owner Platform to book your stays or earn carefree rental income

Watch the value increase or sell it whenever you like

Since you have full title, you enjoy the usual benefits of ownership, including increases in value and the right to sell it whenever you choose.

Watch it grow or sell
It's free and just takes a minute

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars between your partial purchase price and the shared costs of upkeep.

You’ll enjoy the “feel right at home” comfort of ownership but without the huge upfront costs, mortgage interest, and the usual ongoing expenses and hassles of solo ownership.

Shared Ownership

Benefits of Partial Ownership

  • Low upfront cost
  • No mortgage
  • Shared maintenance cost
  • Fully managed by us
  • Optional rental income
  • Enjoy increases in value
  • Sell anytime you want to
Full Ownership

Compare Full Ownership

  • High upfront cost
  • Mortgage payments likely
  • Full maintenance costs
  • Usual ongoing hassles of ownership
  • Hard to sell

The benefits of partial ownership just keep adding up

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Before You Buy

Expert home selection and guidance

Our team of experts spends months searching the Caribbean for dream vacation homes. Then we gather all the information you need to make an informed buying decision, including complete property information, video tours and walkthroughs.

Invitations to live open home showings

We conduct live open home showings that you can attend in person, meet our team, and get answers to your questions. We actually love to share our “finds” with our owners and future owners.

Transparent Ownership Agreement

We want to be your dream property manager and know the first step is clear communication. So we believe in making the details of the homeowner’s agreement clear. In fact, you can view and download a copy of it.

Just click here.
Choose a home

While you buy

Making Caribbean home ownership easy

Traditionally, purchasing property in the Caribbean can be slow and tricky. Our experienced team has relationships with local agents and solicitors who have purchased properties throughout the Caribbean, and we have a clear and established process to ensure a successful outcome for your purchase.

Always Informed

We’ve built our platform to ensure that future owners are kept informed every step of the way. You can login to your account at any stage and view progress updates throughout the buying process.

Expert team at your service

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are here to help you with any questions or issues. We’re available via phone, email or live chat.

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Enjoy it

When you own

Easy to book a stay

Our smart booking system makes it easy for owners to book their stays with confidence and enjoy their property as their vacation or second home.

Income when you don't stay 45 days a year

You can elect to make hassle-free rental income when you decide not to use your entire 6-weeks. Your Partbnb team will ensure that the unused nights are occupied by short-term renters whenever possible, utilizing Airbnb/VRBO and other sites.

Owners forum

You’ll enjoy private access to the owners forum for your property via the web on your desktop or mobile app. So it’s easy to make friends, discuss issues, share tips, vote on any decisions affecting your property, and make new friends.

Carefree ownership

We make sure your vacation home feels like a vacation home. So our team takes care of maintenance, accounting, including all financials, bookings, and detailed reporting for you and the other owners.

Anytime support

Our helpful team provides dedicated customer support that’s always available to assist you with any issues relating to the property.

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Why our owners love their homes and love us

We created Partbnb to share our love of Caribbean vacation homes. We know how much more enjoyable owning a home can make your vacations. So we make sure we select highly desirable, low-maintenance homes and manage them in ways that inspire you to love owning them and having us take care of the details of managing them.

Our core values are:

Every owner should enjoy the rewards of carefree ownership
We will always provide fair and transparent management
We foster affordable, sustainable enjoyment through responsible shared ownership
We take security seriously
We take security seriously

You’re sensitive personal information is protected with state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption.

Shared Ownership
Industry Experience

Our team has 20+ years of experience managing vacation luxury rental properties across the globe.

Shared Ownership
Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee of your entire purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your part ownership really a timeshare?Is your part ownership really a timeshare?

No, our goal with Partbnb is to help you and other people who love the Caribbean obtain genuine, fair and transparent shared ownership of standalone vacation homes. We believe the way to achieve that is that you and our other owners should share in the title, value increases, income, expenses, and major decisions affecting the property, while all owners are free to sell their partial ownership whenever they choose.

What are the fees/costs?What are the fees/costs?

All fees are included in the breakdown of the price-per-part on the property. There are usual fees/costs related to purchasing a property, including setup fees, stamp duties, company setup, and legal fees. There is also a yearly maintenance fee payable for Partbnb to operate the ownership structure, manage the property, and manage short-term rentals. We believe in total transparency, and you can view details of all fees/costs here.

What does Partbnb do?What does Partbnb do?

When you purchase the property, you agree that we’re appointed as the property ownership manager on behalf of all the owners. Our initial job is to locate suitable properties, bring together potential owners, and ensure a smooth purchase process for all. Then we ensure the property is setup and operated as a carefree vacation home. Our team takes care of all maintenance, bookings, short-term rentals, owner meetings, updates, reporting, guest assistance, financials etc. We act as a convenient intermediary between all owners, including operating the platform to assist you and other owners in all aspects of ongoing partial ownership.

Who is eligible to buy?Who is eligible to buy?

There are no citizenship restrictions on eligibility. To make a purchase, you must be able to prove that you have the funds to facilitate the settlement of your part. In rare cases, certain individuals may not receive approval from the local government to purchase a property due to criminal convictions or other reasons for ineligibility. Please contact our team if you are unsure about your eligibility.

When can I stay at the home?When can I stay at the home?

Each part owner receives 45 days a year for each part they own. A dedicated booking calendar is used to secure and record owner bookings. In the event of a conflict, our fair prioritization system is utilized. Short-term rentals are made available on unused nights. The rentals are offered as a last resort so owners get the first pick of available times. View full details about the booking system here.

How do I sell the home?How do I sell the home?

There are two ways to sell your partial ownership. 1) You can offer to sell your part or parts on our resale page. 2) If the majority of owners wish to sell the property and vote to do so, Partbnb will arrange for a valuation and sale of the property on the open market.

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Dream Caribbean Homes Available Now

Explore our exciting Properties Page to see the stunning Caribbean vacation homes we’ve discovered for you to buy conveniently and affordably. You can also choose from homes that are available now and others that are available for resale.

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Available Properties

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