1 Choose a home

Choose a home

1 Choose a home

  • Setup your account

    It takes less than 30 seconds to create an account. You just need to enter your name, email address, and a password.

  • Review available properties

    Review photos, videos, walkthroughs, and detailed information about the area in which the property is located. You can also see any new upcoming properties our team will have for sale.

  • Favorite and share

    Create a shortlist of your favorites and share them with your friends and family.

  • Review the owners agreement

    The example owner’s agreement details how the property will be managed. It describes how Partbnb will act on behalf of owners as manager of the property and covers all rules and the voting process.

  • Ask us questions

    Our team is always happy to talk with you. You can connect with us via live chat, phone or in person. You’re welcome to attend our live open homes and meetups, too.

  • Register your interest in an upcoming property

    If you’re interested in an upcoming property, register your interest with us, and we’ll make sure you’re one of the first to be notified when it becomes available.

  • Complete our 5-minute verification process now

    Make sure you’re ready to buy your Caribbean home.

2 Buy your part of a home

Buy a part

2 Buy your part of a home

  • Select a home

    Choose from any homes that are currently available or have a part available for resale.

  • Choose one or more parts

    You can select to buy 1 or more parts of the 8 that are available. When you purchase your part or parts, you simply make a 20% deposit via ACH or wire transfer.

  • Purchase approval process

    A dedicated account manager will keep you informed of the timeframes and the process to complete your purchase, which includes providing relevant documentation to local government authorities, such as recognized identification, banking references, and character references.

  • Company formation

    As required by most islands in the Caribbean, we’ll form a local company in which each of the owners holds a relevant interest. The company will be the titled owner of the property. Partbnb is not included. We’re connected only via a management agreement.

  • Settlement Pay Stamp Duties / Solicitor Costs / Fees

    On the date of settlement, you’ll transfer the final remaining funds of the purchase price to the appointed local lawyer or solicitor to complete your purchase. This price includes relevant stamp duties and legal fees, as detailed in the financial breakdown for each property.

3 Enjoy it

Enjoy it

3 Enjoy it

  • Book your initial Priority Stays

    As soon as the property is available, you’ll be able to book up to 2 weeks of priority stays for the first year. Read more about our convenient prioritization system.

  • Meet your co-owners

    You’ll get to meet your co-owners when you have access to the Owners Forum. It's a place where you can discuss issues, vote on decisions, share stories and tips, and make friends.

  • Access our smart booking calendar

    Once your priority initial stays are locked in, the smart calendar is opened for all owners to book additional stays to a maximum of 45 days per year per 1/8 share.

  • Relax, we'll take care of all the details

    As the appointed property manager, Partbnb will maintain the property, report to you on the finances, organize cleaning between stays, fill vacancies with short-term rentals, and raise issues in the owners forum that require a decision.

4 Enjoy increases in value or sell

Grow or sell

4 Enjoy increases in value or sell

  • View capital growth updates

    Partbnb will arrange for a revaluation of the property each year. You’ll have access to the information, so you can track changes in the value of your shared home.

  • Vote on any major issues

    In accordance with the owners agreement, a vote is made by the owners on any major issues. An owner can also raise a vote request. In most cases, a majority vote is required to pass a resolution.

  • Sell your part

    Any owner may request that the part be placed up for resale any time after 12 months of ownership. Partbnb will arrange for the part to be listed on the resale section of the website. A 3% commission is payable to us for facilitating the sale.

    Parts may also be sold privately, but the 3% sales commission is still charged. In the event that a majority of owners wish to sell the property, Partbnb will arrange for a local real estate agent to list and sell the property at or above the most recent valuation.